Wedding Diet and Fitness Plan Before Your Big Day

The worst thing that a bride can experience on her wedding day is not fitting perfectly into her wedding gown. This is why a diet and fitness plan should be a part of her daily routine, weeks before the big day. It is important to keep that body in shape despite the stress associated with the meticulous wedding preparations. Here are some wedding diet and fitness suggestions for your big day:

Watch what you eat

Since there’s going to be a very wonderful celebration up ahead, salivating on your most favourite food is not really suggested. Instead, just refrain from eating at least three food items that you consume in huge amounts regularly. Some examples are fizzy drinks, chocolates, and pasta. Substitute these for water, carrot sticks, and salad instead.  Keep a food diary and you will soon see where the calories are coming from.

Work out an hour every other day

Weights Workout
Weights Workout

Working out is very necessary. Doing so burns off the food that you consume for the last two days. Set up a regular schedule at the gym and never miss a session.  Try and buddy up with a friend.  That way you will motivate each other and keep going until you reach your goal.

Walk instead of taking the car

Since some of your wedding preparations would require you to go out a lot, try to walk instead of taking the car if your errands are a few blocks away.  Take the stairs instead of the lift.  Run up the stairs instead of walking. You will be surprised by how much calories you will burn.

Pay special attention to your arms and waist

You surely want to look wonderful in your wedding gown. So work out with free weights or a barbell and do some crunches during your free time. Spend fifteen minutes each day doing simple arm and waist exercises at home. Its impact will go a very long way.  You will be surprise at how quickly your shape will change for the better.  Feeling the burn is a great way to burn calories faster.  Aching muscles carry on burning calories even after you have finish your exercises.  By using weights you can turn your body into a fat and calorie burning machine.

Don’t let the stress of the preparation veer you away from your diet and fitness plan

Healthy Snacks
Healthy Snacks

While preparing for your special wedding day, it’s easy to skip a meal or two and then binge later on. Binge eating is caused by a drop in blood sugar levels. This is a very bad dietary habit that you should watch out for. No matter how busy your day was, be sure that you consume three meals in the right amounts every day.  Carry healthy snacks in your bag to stop your sugar levels dropping.  Great healthy snack ideas: sunflower seeds, raisins, nuts, carrot sticks, grapes, bananas the list is endless.  If you really need a chocolate hit try Jaffa cakes as they have only 45 calories per cake.

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