Fabulous Red Evening Shoes and Matching Bags For Valentines Day

Valentines Day is nearly here. The colour associated with Valentines Day is red, so we have decided to put together a small selection of red evening shoes, red evening bags an red pashminas for that special day which happens once a year.


Red Evening Shoes

Red Evening Shoes

Red Evening Shoes

Stunning red satin evening shoes, leather lined & leather insole with a red satin bow detailing at the ankle by Menbur, Spain. 9cm covered heel & padded insole. A matching clutch bag is also available.

Red Evening Sandals

Red Evening Sandals

Red Evening Sandals

Elegant red evening sandals by the designer Heavenly Triple diamante encrusted satin straps running across the toes and up the foot and a diamante encrusted buckle for extra added sparkle. 4″ satin covered heel and cushioned insole for extra comfort. The red evening sandals are available in a wide choice of colours. The red evening shoes have a choice of a bangle style or pain clutch bag to match.

Red Pashminas

Red Pashmina

Red Pashmina

Luxury quality 70% pashmina 30% silk mix deep red pashmina shawl hand made in Nepal. Pashmina is the finest, softest & warmest wool found in nature. This beautiful red pashmina shawl is 36″ x 80″ and is perfect for wearing as a scarf or wrap. Also available as a stole & in other fabulous colours.

Red Leather Handbag

Red Leather Handbag

Red Leather Handbag

Fantastic quality Italian soft leather red handbag by Auchamo. Made using only the finest Italian leather by Auchamo, who are a leading international fashion brand. Zip fastening and fully lined with an internal zipped pocket, mobile phone holder & additional pocket. 38cm wide x 29cm tall. Also available in black and kiwi green.



So step on over to Sole Divas and browse our fabulous collection of evening shoes, handbags, pashminas and accessories.  Free UK shipping.


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Ideas For Wedding Proposals on Valentine’s Day

There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. It is the day when lovers from all over the world plan their most memorable date ever. It is not really surprising to hear about people who would pick this day to propose to their long-time girlfriends. But how should you do it? Here are interesting suggestions:

Propose over dinner

Dinner Proposal

Dinner Proposal

This is the most common way of staging a marriage proposal. But you can always make yours unique or different by integrating your own elements into the set-up. Think of something clever to place the ring: on top of a single rose bud, in her glass of wine, as the main decoration of the cake for dessert. Be sure to go some place where serenading can be done upon request.

On the theatre stage

If you’re very sure that your girlfriend or boyfriend will say yes to your marriage proposal, then let all other people witness it. Talk to the theatre manager so you can have a microphone and some romantic sounds playing in the background when you pop the question.

At sunrise

Sunrise Proposal

Sunrise Proposal

Invite your girlfriend to follow a nature trail early one morning. When you get to the spot, tell her about the beautiful sunrise she’s about to see. Then kneel on your knees just at the right time, then offer her the ring. This is also the perfect set-up if you want to plan a garden wedding at sunrise. Alternately, you can pick sunset for this proposal suggestion instead.

Recreate your first date, then propose

Your girlfriend will be floored away and will immediately say yes if you’re able to meticulously recreate your very first date – down to its very intricate details. The only difference now is the part where you’ll make that romantic wedding proposal. If you do it right, this is also going to be your most memorable Valentine’s Day ever.

There are so many ideas and suggestions to make your proposal special and memorable.  Put lots of thought into the setting and theme and I am sure you can’t go wrong.

If you are looking for fabulous red evening shoes to finish off your outfit then time some time to browse Sole Divas online for fabulous ladies shoes and matching bags.

Wedding Shoes For Wedding Guests

For centuries, couples have chosen to live together, to share their excitement, their difficulties, the good times, and the bad, committing themselves to a common purpose. Most often, they chosen to announce that commitment to those they love, and others through the institution of the wedding.

They get an opportunity to share their love, their commitment, before their peers, their family, acquaintances, and others. It is a special time, one they hope to last a lifetime, one that expresses their true feelings and desires. They hope this commitment lasts a lifetime, and for that reason they wanted to be very special. It will be one of their most cherished memories, something that could can share with their children, their family, and others who are interested.

Silver Evening Shoes and Matching Bag

Silver Evening Shoes and Matching Bag

Special occasions call for special arrangements, the best atmosphere, something unique to the couple, pleasing to everyone. Bride and groom want the flowers to reflect the beauty, the best photographer they can afford to record this wonderful occasion, food that is flavourful, and the best in attire for bride and groom, as well as wedding guests.

It’s not unusual for the bride and groom to specify the dress code as a tux for the men and beautiful gowns for the women. To go along those beautiful gowns, the wedding shoes must be perfect for the occasion.

Most weddings last a while which means those women in attendance want evening shoes that are beautiful as well as comfortable, heels that are adequate, perhaps providing some height, not awkward, just right. High heels are certainly appropriate as well as low heels depending on taste, and where ability.

The right colour combinations are important. Those women will want those shoes to match their dress. The colours might differ from white to blue depending on the theme, and the dress.

For the wedding guests, chances are they’ll be wearing these shoes one time. They might consider finding something that is stylish year-round, something they can wear with most outfits, and something that fits their budget.

Lime Green Wedding Shoes and Matching Bag

Lime Green Wedding Shoes and Matching Bag


Along with the elegant wedding shoes, she’ll want to make sure she has a matching bag, colours that match, styles that match, and affordability.

When seeking shoes for wedding guests, you’ll want to choose a company that has a large variety of what you’re looking for, the experience to find you that right shoe, one that fits your needs, and feels comfortable.

You will want a company that cares about you when it comes to wedding shoes, handbags, and other accessories, which not only match but help you to be you. You want someone who is responsive to you, available to answer your questions, give you expert advice, based on their experience. You’ll want to talk to a person, not a recording, not a stack system. You want them to be available via email and telephone.

Companies like Sole Divas are experienced at doing just that. They have the widest selection, in the latest fashions and styles, right heel sizes, colours, to match you every needs. They care and it shows. Be sure and consider them when you’re looking for wedding shoes, bags, and matching accessories.

Wedding Diet and Fitness Plan Before Your Big Day

The worst thing that a bride can experience on her wedding day is not fitting perfectly into her wedding gown. This is why a diet and fitness plan should be a part of her daily routine, weeks before the big day. It is important to keep that body in shape despite the stress associated with the meticulous wedding preparations. Here are some wedding diet and fitness suggestions for your big day:

Watch what you eat

Since there’s going to be a very wonderful celebration up ahead, salivating on your most favourite food is not really suggested. Instead, just refrain from eating at least three food items that you consume in huge amounts regularly. Some examples are fizzy drinks, chocolates, and pasta. Substitute these for water, carrot sticks, and salad instead.  Keep a food diary and you will soon see where the calories are coming from.

Work out an hour every other day

Weights Workout

Weights Workout

Working out is very necessary. Doing so burns off the food that you consume for the last two days. Set up a regular schedule at the gym and never miss a session.  Try and buddy up with a friend.  That way you will motivate each other and keep going until you reach your goal.

Walk instead of taking the car

Since some of your wedding preparations would require you to go out a lot, try to walk instead of taking the car if your errands are a few blocks away.  Take the stairs instead of the lift.  Run up the stairs instead of walking. You will be surprised by how much calories you will burn.

Pay special attention to your arms and waist

You surely want to look wonderful in your wedding gown. So work out with free weights or a barbell and do some crunches during your free time. Spend fifteen minutes each day doing simple arm and waist exercises at home. Its impact will go a very long way.  You will be surprise at how quickly your shape will change for the better.  Feeling the burn is a great way to burn calories faster.  Aching muscles carry on burning calories even after you have finish your exercises.  By using weights you can turn your body into a fat and calorie burning machine.

Don’t let the stress of the preparation veer you away from your diet and fitness plan

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

While preparing for your special wedding day, it’s easy to skip a meal or two and then binge later on. Binge eating is caused by a drop in blood sugar levels. This is a very bad dietary habit that you should watch out for. No matter how busy your day was, be sure that you consume three meals in the right amounts every day.  Carry healthy snacks in your bag to stop your sugar levels dropping.  Great healthy snack ideas: sunflower seeds, raisins, nuts, carrot sticks, grapes, bananas the list is endless.  If you really need a chocolate hit try Jaffa cakes as they have only 45 calories per cake.

5 Popular Wedding Themes Including Wedding Shoes

Are you still looking for the perfect wedding theme? Read on and find out the five most popular wedding themes for this year. You might just pick the one that will best suit your taste.

Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding

If you think that an old, rustic theme for your wedding will make it a classic, then go for this theme. This one is perfect for autumn ceremonies as well.  Vintage Weddings are becoming so popular and can be planned designed around a small budget. Arrive in a vintage car, wear vintage gowns, and hold the ceremony in the countryside. Have flowers spilling out of jugs and any containers you can get your hand on.

A beautiful lace wedding dress and pretty low heeled wedding shoes, with lots of pearls and antique jewellery, would be perfect for this theme.

Hang candles and lights on tree branches and decorate with pearls, ribbons or clear gems.

If you are lucky enough to know someone with a large garden, you will save on the venue hire.  Also, if you are on a tight budget have you considered afternoon tea for your wedding breakfast, with cake stands and cucumber sandwiches.

If you use the vintage wedding theme, you have to put a lot of focus on the ‘something old’ part of the adage. The ideas are endless….

Cherry blossom wedding theme

Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme

Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme

The Cherry Blossom is my all time favourite wedding theme. You know how a cherry blossom looks like – small, pretty, and pink. So recreate that in every piece and detail of your wedding. Using the different shades of pink as your motif, use decorations and designs with the cherry blossom flowers depicted on it. And yes, they should also appear on the cake and the wedding invitation cards too.  

Rose flower wedding shoes would be the perfect touch to match the wedding theme.  Or why not be daring and go for cerise pink wedding shoes.

Why not have Rose wine for that gorgeous pink drink during the wedding breakfast, to carry on with the pink theme. The thoughts and ideas are endless…

Outdoor wedding theme

Outdoor wedding theme

Outdoor wedding theme

This goes for brides who opt for a garden wedding. The best representations of the great outdoors are flowers, leaves, birds, and everything else nice and vibrant. Pick a colour that would represent your theme best. For example, yellow is perfect for summer, pink is for spring, orange for fall, and blue is for winter.  If you decide on an outdoor wedding in England, then consider the ever changing weather and include a marquee for cover and decorate with ribbons and flowers.

Beach wedding theme

Beach Wedding Theme

Beach Wedding Theme

A lot of brides long to be married on a beach in time with the setting or the rising of the sun. That is also the reason why this theme is very popular. If you pick the beach theme, then the perfect motif is blue or have you considered silver! The best decorations are sea shells, corals, starfish and the likes.  

There is no dress code for a beach wedding you can wear a traditional wedding gown or a floaty summer dress with summer sandals, the decision is entirely yours.  If you are worried about the sand opt for foot decorations, such as ribbons and flowers entwined around you feet and ankle or if you like the idea of sparkle there are plenty of foot jewellery options available. Pretty wedding sandals would also be an option for the beach wedding theme.

Red rose wedding theme

Red Rose Wedding Theme

Red Rose Wedding Theme

The red, black, and white theme for a wedding is very popular in the world over. And it is best executed with a bouquet of red roses prominently figuring on the isles of the ceremony hall and on the tables at the wedding reception.

Red wedding shoes would be a dramatic touch to the red rose wedding theme and would show your daring side.





Hopefully this has given you some ideas for planning your special day.  Don’t forget to view our fabulous collection of wedding shoes and bridal shoes online at Sole Divas and with free delivery to mainland UK, what are you waiting for.

How to Choose The Perfect Pair Of Wedding Shoes

Weddings are a special time in the lives of couples, the lifelong commitment, the pomp and the beauty.  Those special guests, family and friends in attendance, and a great send off for the couple. These special occasions call for the best, the best in flowers, the best in accommodations, the best in atmosphere, and of course, the best dress.

What bride does not want to look her best on this very special occasion? That includes the gown, the beautiful veil, the exquisite gloves, and the very best in wedding shoes.

When looking for shoes for that special occasion, the lady wants the best. The shoes should fit and match perfectly. They should be comfortable and, and if needed add a bit of height without making it awkward. Wedding shoes are perfect for that. You can choose high heeled wedding shoes, as long as those heels are not too high. The emphasis should be on comfort and wear ability. You will be wearing them the whole day.

Silver Wedding Shoes

Silver Wedding Shoes

You want your shoes to match the wedding dress. That means right colour combinations. If you’re going to wear a white wedding dress, you may want to avoid outlandish colours for your wedding shoes. Silver wedding shoes match up nicely with a white wedding gown. Depending on the gown you use, ivory wedding shoes look nice as well.  But of course if you want to make a statement, then why not add a splash of colour.

As the bride, this is your special day. You want wedding shoes in the style that you love. It’s personal. You want to take plenty of time to get that perfect style for you. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of wedding shoes available, ivory wedding shoes, and ivory bridal shoes. Be particular. It’s your wedding. You want to be proud of them on your wedding day and be able to look back many years and be satisfied as well. Make them you.

Weddings can be quite expensive. That includes dress and shoes for the bride as well as guests and family. Make sure that you budget for shoes that are special, your style, and match perfectly with your outfit. You’ll want to make sure you have enough of those special wedding shoes, those shoes that make you feel special, make you feel your best, that special time. You’ll certainly want to listen to others, but when it comes time, make it your special choice.

Special shoes call for a special place to buy them. You want people who understand shoes, provide a lot of them, and provide exquisite quality. You want people who listen to you, to meet your needs, while providing a quality product at a price you can afford.

You want people who are available to you when you need them with the right answers, and a personal touch. You’ll want to talk to a person, when it comes time to purchase those special wedding shoes. Companies such as Sole Divas, provide just what you need. They are experienced at meeting their customer needs when you really need it, your wedding day and those special shoes.

So head on over to Sole Divas and check out our fabulous collection of wedding shoes and bridal shoes. Don’t forget, free UK delivery.

Success On Twitter Using Hashtags

Last week was a great week on Twitter for Sole Divas, as we won the #Tweeursis Networking award, Yayyy.  The #Tweetursis award is for networking brilliance on a Tuesday evening 9-11pm and is hosted by @MrsTweetUrBiz.

I won this gorgeous bracelet, which was donated by Artisan Designs UK.   Artisan Designs UK is an award winning online jewellery boutique.

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Using Hashtags on Twitter

If you are new to Twitter you will start to notice Tweets with hashtags #. The hashtag is a simple way for people to search for Tweets that interest them. For example if you are interested in Tweets relating to weddings you will search for #weddings and this will show all the tweets relating to weddings.

You can click on hashtag words in any tweet, this will show you a list of other Tweets marked with that keyword or hasttag.

Networking Groups on Twitter

I thought I would put together a list of networking groups to follow on Twitter:  Networking groups are great to boost your followers, build relationships and to shout about your product or service. There are so many networks and please don’t be offended if I have missed your networking group off the list.

6-7pm #WomanInBiz #WineOclock hosted by @awardingpeople – Great for networking and a giggle.
2-3pm #BizHour – General networking

12-1.30pm #LadyPAwards – Tweet @Ladypreneurs with a short description of what you do and a link to your website with #LadyPAwards in the tweet. You will receive a badge to place on your website along with a daily shout from @Ladypreneurs
8-9pm #HarrogateHour, #BrandYorkshire, #NorthEastHour,#CheshireHour – Networking in counties, great for promoting your product or service in specific areas of the UK.
8.30-9.30pm #BuyOnlineHour Run by @buyonlinehour – network & showcase your products
9-10pm #twitterbrothers – Networking group for men on Twitter hosted by @TweetUrBizUK.

11.30-12.30pm #BrunchHour – Great for networking
1-2pm #PeopleInBiz and #PeopleInBizhour hosted by @awardingpeople (also on Wednesday)
8pm #PinHitsHour – Great to attract followers to your Pinterst board and to find new boards to follow.
8-9pm #WestMidsHour #SurreyHour #SolihullHour
9-10pm #BlogHour – great to share Blogging tips and knowledge!
8-9pm #FBLikeHour – Great to request likes for your Facebook page.hosted by @donesearchin
9-11pm #TweetUrSis - Great for networking.  Hosted by @MrsTweetUrBiz.
9-10pm #SmallBizHour Promoting small UK businesses.

2-3pm #BizHour - Great for networking
8-9pm #NorthWestHour – Networking in counties, great for promoting your product or service in specific areas of the UK.
8-9pm – #WebHitsHour Folksy Etsy Website Links
9-10pm #WeddingHour – Weddings and wedding-related businesses across the UK

12-1pm #LadyPHour – Great for Women in business networking
8pm #PinHitsHour – Great to attract followers to your Pinterst board and to find new boards to follow.
8.30-9.30pm #TwitterSisters – Great for networking
8-9pm #BrideHour – Connecting UK brides & wedding suppliers

#HappyFriday #FollowFriday #FF – All day great for telling people who you follow and to gain more followers.
4pm #GBHour – British Business Networking
9-10pm NorthWestHour – Networking in counties, great for promoting your product or service in specific areas of the UK.

7-8pm – #WomanInBizHour  - Networking group for women.

So, pop onto Twitter and follow https://twitter.com/SoleDivas‎ and mention this article, learn to join in the fun and promote your business socially with success.

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Wedding Makeup Ideas


There’s absolutely no way around it: the bride should be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. And so, the most fabulous makeup for her is in order. If your wedding is coming up and you don’t want to put the fate of your look entirely in the hands of your makeup artist, here are wedding makeup ideas that you can check out together:

Subtle, neutral, and soft

Neutral Wedding Makeup

Neutral Wedding Makeup

This suggestion is for you if you’re the type who wants to look back at your wedding pictures without regrets. It is also for those who want to sport the aura of a glowing bride, instead of looking like a Barbie doll. However, this is recommended only to women who are blessed with a natural blush on their cheeks. Simply use a second-skin foundation, a pink lipstick, and the subtlest eye shade. You’ll look great at a garden wedding with this.

The strong eye makeup

Strong Eye Wedding Makeup

Strong Eye Wedding Makeup

For those with a rather pale skin, spruce up your eye makeup with bold colours such as lilac, lavender, and similar strong shades. Don’t forget to use just the right amount of eyeliner and mascara to complete the effect.

The vintage look

Vintage Wedding Makeup

Vintage Wedding Makeup

If you have planned a vintage wedding, then a vintage makeup is in order. You have to focus on your lashes and your lips here. Use a bright red lipstick to go with some false lashes. And be sure to add that thick winged tip.

The smoky eyes makeup

Smoky Eye Wedding Makeup

Smoky Eye Wedding Makeup

Highlight your bridal beauty with a pair of smoky eyes. You can always use the usual black shades to get the desired effect. But since this is a special day, try to experiment with metallic shades instead. Once you have captured the ideal look, everybody at the wedding won’t be able to help staring at you.





Hopefully this has given you some tips and advice for your wedding day.  Don’t forget to browse the gorgeous bridal shoes and wedding shoes available online at Sole Divas.

Win an Italian Lambswool Cape From Sole Divas Worth £65

Exciting news! Sole Divas is having another competition where you can win a gorgeous Italian wool cape worth £65.00. The lambswool cape is available in cream, black, camel or dark camel, and the lucky winner will be able to choose their favourite colour!

The luxurious wool cape is made in Italy and is a heavy weight 100% lambs wool, the perfect gift or treat for you! Also available in Light Camel, Dark Camel & Cream. Width 53″ Length 68″.

We love chatting online and especially enjoy Twitter, so when we hit 2,000 followers we’ll instantly choose someone who has signed up to the Sole Divas newsletter, used the hashtag #DivasComp – better yet, there’s no limit on the number of times you can enter by tweeting. We’ll be checking that the chosen winner is a follower on Twitter and has signed up to the Sole Divas newsletter.  We will announce the winner of this stunning wool cape in a special newsletter once the competition prize is claimed.

Lambswool Capes

Lambswool Capes

When you consider women shoes in the UK, and particularly special occasion shoes, you consider Sole Divas. our dazzling selection is perfect for weddings, proms, and other special events. Stock is sourced globally and selected for the quality and outstanding style that our customers love.

We like to think that what makes Sole Divas different from other companies is our thoughtfulness regarding your necessities, the particular touch we give in noting your enquiries concerning what style, sizes, and colour mixes. You can contact us on Twitter

Sole Divas is up with the times. You can keep in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to their newsletter to stay aware of all the most recent styles and offers





Terms and Conditions:

1) The competition is open to anyone aged 18 years and over who reside in mainland UK, other than employees of Sole Divas. Entries unfortunately cannot be accepted due to delivery restrictions for entries from Southern Ireland and outside of the UK.
2) To enter, follow these instructions above
3) Your email address will not be passed on to any 3rd party, and it may be used to inform you of any special offers or competitions. Contact enquiries@soledivas.co.uk should you not wish to receive this service.
4) Prizes must be accepted as offered. There are no alternatives, although the promoter reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if the original prize cannot be awarded due to unforeseen circumstances.
5) Prize winners will be notified via email and announced on Twitter, blog and Facebook. The notification will include details of how the prize can be claimed. If a prize remains unclaimed after the valid closing date, prize(s) will be re distributed.
6) The decision of the judges will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome of the draw. No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are incomplete, delayed, damaged, wrongly delivered or not received for any reason. The promoter shall have no liability for technical problems of any kind which may limit or prevent any person’s participation
7) Competition closes when we have reached 2,000 followers on Twitter.
8) Entry into this competition implies acceptance of these rules as final and binding.
9) There is no limit to the amount of Twitter entries.
10) The prize cannot be exchange or refunded.
11) Prizes must be claimed by 31st December 2014