Wedding Shoes: What To Consider Before Buying

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Your wedding is the most magical occasion for you and you set on fulfilling every little wish you have had since you were a little girl. From wearing something blue, to something borrowed, you want to keep and fulfil every tradition possible and look absolutely flawless at the same time, from top to bottom. Where you have already picked out on your dress long before your wedding date was set, wedding shoes might be something that you buy just a few weeks before your wedding day.

Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes

Consider a few tips before buying your dream pair of shoes to go with that dream dress on the dreamy day of yours.

1) COMFORT FIRST! Choose shoes that you find comfortable, yes you may want to buy shoes that look good and are willing to any lengths to make your day special. Don’t forget that you’ll be having those shoes on for a full day, walking and dancing in them. You can’t take them off and give your feet a rest nor can you have a time out! Opt for a pair that is comfortable, usually soft leather works fine. A wobbling bride is not a good look!

2) BREAK THEM IN! Buy your bridal shoes a good 3 to 4 weeks before the big day so you can break them in and the pair can adjust to your feet. Wear the shoes on carpet at your home for a good one to two hours every other day till they don’t hurt that much.


3) GO FASHIONABLE: Long gone are the days when one thought that just because I am wearing a gown no one would see my shoes and that’s why lets go for the most boring pair ever! NO! Combine elegance with fashion and you’ll have a pair that you’ll end up wearing for many days to come! Remember, these shoes are not just a one day thing, but a life time!

4) DYE THEM! If unfortunately you don’t find the exact colour in your shoes that matches your dress, you can always get them dyed through a professional dyer!

5) CHOOSE ACCORDINGLY: Choose your shoes according to the type of wedding you’re having. For an outdoors wedding, choose wedges that would give the support. For an indoor wedding you have abundant options, from pumps to stilettos to wedge heeled shoes.

6) PRACTICE! Just like breaking in your shoes is important, practising your walk is equally important, especially on your wedding day. Practice (on carpet) the walk so you feel at ease on the aisle.

7) ADJUSTMENTS: Tell your dressmaker the height of the wedding shoes so he/she adjusts the height of the dress accordingly, try your dress one more time while wearing your shoes to get an idea of any adjustments that need to be made. It is totally up to you if you want a little peak of your shoes to be shown or not.

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