Sophisticated Wedding Hairstyle

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Weddings are one instance when a woman is allowed to bring out her style, sense, and sophistication. Even if you are not the bride, you have to look your best. Everything has to be perfect: the dress, shoes, makeup, and hair – most especially the hair. Here are the top wedding hairstyle suggestions for that sophisticated look:

Chignon bun wedding hairstyle

Chignon bun wedding hairstyle
Chignon bun wedding hair

Pin your hair up into a chignon and add some flowers or a jeweled hair clip to secure it in place. This hair style can bring out the child in you. Remember how your mom used to pin your hair up like that when you were little? Wedding days are made even perfect because of these memories.




An up do with loose curls wedding hairstyle

up do loose curls wedding hairstyle
up do loose curls wedding hair

This curly up do can make you look like a glamour star on your wedding day. Get your long hair curled nice and thick. Then put it up nicely. Let some stray hair and wispy bangs frame your face to complete the look.





Ballerina bun wedding hair

ballerina bun wedding hairstyle
ballerina bun wedding hair

Look like a ballerina gliding your way on the aisle in full regalia on your wedding day. For this sophisticated wedding hairstyle, you’re going to need some nice floral or jeweled headpiece. Tie your hair on top of your head in a bun. This one is perfect for veiled brides.

The pretty ponytail wedding hairstyle

Pony Tail Wedding Hair
Pony Tail Wedding Hair

Who said that a simple ponytail can’t be the perfect wedding hairstyle? Simply add a sophisticated touch to it. You can wear the ponytail nice and long over your back or sexy and curly over one shoulder. Either way, you’ll look terrific in this hair do.






The half up and half down wedding hairstyle

Half up and half down hairstyle wedding hair
Half up and half down hairstyle wedding hair

To wear this hairstyle, simply tie half of your hair at the back of your head. You can use any pretty clip to hold it together. Accenting a regular bow with flowers is ideal as well. As for the other half of your hair, just let it down beautifully. You can tease, curl, or twist the lower half. Complete the look with a side swept bangs.





There are so many different wedding hair styles to choose from, but hopefully we have given you some inspiration for your wedding day.

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