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Navy Evening Shoes at Sole Divas


What better way to finish off a dress, than to find a pair of fabulous navy evening shoes and you will find it in the Sole Divas collection. If your taste is understated... READ MORE

Bеѕt Ladies Bооtѕ fоr 2015


Ladies bооtѕ аrе еnоrmоuѕlу рорulаr fоr аutumn аnd wintеr аnd we always аdviѕе tо invеѕt in several раirѕ to lаѕt уоu thrоugh the seasons. Shоrtеr bооtѕ with a hееl look grеаt with trоuѕеrѕ,... READ MORE

Ladies Boots for the Winter Season


Whenever you are searching for ladies boots, you must search for quality of boots that come from a brand that will give you nothing less. Basically, women wear boots to show their boldness... READ MORE

Why choose Stretch Boots?

Cоmfоrt аnd style аrе thе tор mоѕt thingѕ to соnѕidеr whеn рurсhаѕing ѕtrеtсh bооtѕ. Thеѕе сritеriа make it hard fоr thоѕе with widе саlvеѕ tо get the right fit. Now, уоu nееd not inсеѕѕаntlу wоrrу аbоut nоt gеtting the footwear … Continued

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How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

Creating the perfect wedding is founded on good planning, excellent advice and the time to make sure all the details are covered. The perfect wedding is within the reach of any bride who has the time and is willing to … Continued

Summer Sandals

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Summer Sandals by sole-divas featuring a cotton t-shirt James Perse cotton t shirt Short shorts $115 – Taupe sandals $45 – Brown bridal shoes Summer Sandals Pashmina scarve $74 – 2b fedora hat Summer Straw Bag with Black Bow … Continued

Summer Florals

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Summer Florals by Sole Divas featuring pink evening shoes Oneill dress $79 – AX Paris print dress $61 – Silver shoes Pink evening shoes Hair accessory $45 – Summer Straw Bag with Black Bow £19 –

Ladies Shoes and Matching Bags for Summer Weddings

Are you invited to attend a wedding held in the summer? Then you must prepare for the special occasion as early as now. Weddings are very special events. It becomes a reunion of some sort where other family members and … Continued

Choosing Mother of the Bride Shoes and Bags

When it comes to weddings, there’s one guest who holds more weight than the maid of honour or the bridesmaids. And that would be the mother of the bride. As such, she has to get equal pampering as with the other girls … Continued

Choosing The Perfect Evening Shoes

Special events held during the night calls for an equally special ensemble. Everything should be accounted for, from your hairstyle to the pair of shoes you’ll wear. Choosing the perfect evening shoes is certainly not an easy job. Finding the … Continued

5 Top Bridesmaid Shoe Colours

Weddings are enormous events indeed. It’s one celebration in a woman’s life when it is okay to leave her career on hold just to shop for all the perfect things to use for her big day. If your own wedding … Continued

Bridal Shoes and Wedding Shoes at Sole Divas

Are looking to purchase high quality bridal, evening and wedding shoes online?  Then look no further than Sole Divas.  Sole Divas offers a wide selection that includes simple, elegant evening shoes perfect for weddings or an evening out on the … Continued

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