Choosing shoes and matching bags for your summer wedding outfit

Summer is in close sight and now is the time for those wedding invitations to start rolling in. It is an exciting time, choosing the perfect outfit and what better way to finish off your classic wedding outfit than with some stylish shoes and matching bag.

In the past matching shoes and handbags was seen by some fashion gurus as a bit matchy-matchy however in recent years many celebrities have been spotted out and about and also on the red carpet with a whole range of matching shoes and handbags. If it is good enough for celebs, it is good enough for us!

Shoes and Matching Bag

Matching your shoes with your handbag gives a unified look and it is one favoured by one of our favourite “celebrities”, new fashion icon Pippa Middleton. By creating these looks Pippa balances out her outfit and is both stylish and elegant.

So what style of shoes and matching handbag do you go for? Whether it be classic and elegant or dazzling and glitzy, getting this selection right can make you stand out from the crowd.

Obviously the most important thing to consider when choosing your shoes and bag is your outfit.

Make your decision early on in your outfit selection process. What is it about the outfit that you want to be the most eye-catching? Do you want the focus to be in the dress or would you prefer your shoes to do the talking?

Menbur Stone Evening Shoes

evening shoes and handbags are seen as fashion accessories and provide the perfect way to either liven up a rather neutral outfit or to “complete a look”. For example a peach or nude outfit looks fantastic with grey, silver or gold shoes and matching handbag. A grey outfit works marvelously with black, purple or silver shoes and bag.

Ladies Silver Shoes and Matching Clutch Bag


In fact choosing silver shoes and handbag are often the perfect option as they can set off nearly every coloured outfit.

A neutral coloured outfit looks fabulous when it has some colour added so go for this season’s biggest fashion trend and add some neon brights to your outfit.

Stone Satin Shoes and Matching Bag

Conversely if it is a brightly coloured outfit that you have chosen then mix in some nude or even black shoes and bag.

If you have decided to go for a sparkly or glittery outfit then keep the shoes and bag as simple as possible, preferably without any beading or embroidery.

When thinking about carrying the shoe and bag through to the evening, patent is a great option and mixing patent with this seasons bright colours and you have the makings of a truly stunning outfit.

Ladies Lime Green Evening Shoes and Clutch

And don’t forget your other accessories and the part they will play. Consider the jewellery you plan to wear with the outfit. If you have a fantastic statement piece, you may want to think about keeping the shoes and bag simple. If you are wearing something delicate or simple then your shoes and bag can make the statement.

All things considered matching your handbag to your shoes will smarten up outfit giving you a finished and styled look and will leave you feeling groomed and put together.

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