6 Top Tips to choosing the perfect Wedding Shoes

As online shoe specialists here at Sole Divas we are often asked by brides-to-be for our advice when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of bridal shoes.  There are a number of factors to consider so here are our essential tips to help you find the perfect bridal shoes for your dream wedding day.

1: Style

Menbur Ivory Bridal Sandal
Menbur Ivory Bridal Sandal

Once you have chosen the beautiful wedding dress perfectly suited to your own personality and style, it is time to pick the right wedding shoes to match the dress.  If you are having a summer wedding and dreaming of sun and blue skies, nothing beats the comfort and freedom of a pair of open-toed sandals.

Your feet will thank you allowing them to breathe in comfort. You may however prefer a more formal approach and choose a classic pair of ladies court shoes. If you are really unsure, think about teaming simple wedding shoes with an elaborate wedding dress, or vice versa.




2: Fabric

Menbur Ivory Satin Heels

Matching your shoes to your wedding dress is an exciting part of the selection process.   Think about whether you are wearing a silk, satin or lace dress and match your wedding shoes accordingly. For part of the day you may only see the front of your shoe however you may be lifting your dress to walk (or dance!) and your guests will then see the back of your shoes.  Going for some detail at the back can be interesting and eye-catching.

3: Heels

Satin ivory peep-toes

The majority of brides will prefer to go for heels and it is important to pick the right heel height.  We advise choosing a heel height that you are used to. And don’t forget to consider your future husband’s height, if he is a little on the short side, you may not want to end up taller than him! Once you have chosen your wedding shoes, be sure to take them to your dress fitting to enable the fitter to give you the perfect dress length.

4: Wedding location

Change in to a spare pair of wedges

It is a good idea to think about the wonderful wedding ceremony venue you have chosen when picking your bridal shoes.  Are they suitable for your venue? If you are having a lovely summer garden wedding, or even a fabulous beach wedding, it may be a good idea to invest in an extra pair of wedges or flats for when you are walking on the grass so as to avoid ruining your heels in the mud. This is also an idea for certain venues who may ask you not to wear stilettos so you don’t damage the floor. If heels are not an issue, you may opt for an open toe shoe for an outdoor wedding or a more closed option for a winter wedding.

5: Comfort

Ivory Satin Sling Backs

One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying your wedding shoes is comfort. Your wedding day will be a very long one spent on your feet from walking down the aisle, greeting guests, posing for photographs, cutting the cake, to standing up for toasts and even dancing the night away.  Spending hours on your feet are difficult with even the most comfortable pair of shoes so think about comfort.  Remember also your feet will swell over the day especially if you are getting married in the summer.


6: Wearing with confidence

Ivory sequinned slingbacks

Schedule in a pedicure a couple of days before the big day.  Pampered feet will feel fresher and make you feel special.  We suggest when choosing your shoes, buying a ½ size bigger and putting some cushioning or gel pads into your shoes.  Spend a few days practising walking in them at home before the big day. And why not try dancing in them!


So now you are ready to start choosing your shoes for the special day, step on over to Sole Divas to view our collection of bridal shoes starting at a very affordable £28.00

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