Sling Backs

A slingback shoe is a shoe that has an open back with a strap around the heel. As with other shoe designs, the slingback shoe has arisen in the fashion world to become a shoe that is popular for all seasons, not just the summer.  They can be considered as a type of sandal that are available in a number of heel heights as well as both open toe and closed designs.  The slingback’s name is derived from the strap that is similar to that seen on a slingshot. The sling is often made of elastic or buckle. The buckle can be crafted from a number of different materials including plastic and metal. 

Sling Back Shoes To Lengthen Your Legs

Sling Back Shoes

Slingback shoes, like many other shoe types, are available in a variety of colours and designs. This means that fans of the shoe design can fill their wardrobe with slingback shoes for work and play. Slingback shoes can make an impact to an outfit without being too loud. 
The benefits of womens high-heeled shoes are the same as general high heel shoes in that they are able to make the person wearing them appear thinner. There is also a flat pump version of the shoe should you want to purchase a pair for your trip abroad or day-to-day wear. Ladies slingback shoes can also be worn as business attire, giving you even more choice when shopping for shoes. 
As with other shoe types, it is important to choose the right style and fit. Do not be tempted into buying a pair that you like the look of but do not quite fit, it is likely that you will never wear them therefore defying the purpose of the purchase. Elastic slingbacks are universal, while buckle straps can be altered to your exact specification. 


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